Her name was Elizabeth

Her name means “oath of God.” We might say “God’s promise.” Her willingness and obedience opened doors for the coming of God’s promise, Messiah.

Her story: Luke 1:5-57

Elizabeth and her husband, Zechariah, were godly and upright individuals from the priestly line of Levi. They had no children. When Zechariah’s division went to Jerusalem to serve at the temple, he was chosen to enter the Most Holy Place at Passover. While he was there, the archangel Gabriel visited him and told him he would have a son and gave instructions about the child. Zechariah asked questions and Gabriel made him mute. When Zechriah returned home, Elizabeth became pregnant. During the sixth month of her pregnancy, Gabriel visited Mary and told her she would give birth to the Messiah. He also told her that Elizabeth was pregnant. Mary hurried to visit Elizabeth and when she greeted Elizabeth, Elizabeth’s unborn child leaped inside her and she was filled with the Holy Spirit. Elizabeth blessed Mary and called her the “mother of my Lord.” Elizabeth recognized the work God was doing in Mary’s life and encouraged her. “Mary’s Magnificat” was spoked to Elizabeth. When Elizabeth’s baby was born, there was an argument about what to name him and Elizabeth insisted on naming him John. When Zechariah was given a writing tablet, he wrote ‘His name is John” and immediately he was able to speak. He praised God and those present began to wonder what would become of John because of the miracles seen around his birth. Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied about John’s life. 

Her legacy for us: Elizabeth’s willingness to follow God’s instructions allowed her to be filled with the Holy Spirit in a way similar to John and those in the Upper Room at Pentecost. She was an encouragement to Mary during a time when Mary’s world was being turned upside down.  And, Elizabeth’s insistence on following God’s instructions helped her husband regain his voice. 

Our response to Him: What keeps me from simply listening to Your words and doing them? What would help me become quick to obey even when I don’t know what the results will be?

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