She was from Shunem

We don’t know her name. She was simply called the Shunammite. She knew where her help came from and went directly to the source herself.

Her story: 2 Kings 4:8-37, 8:4-5When Elisha the prophet traveled through Shunem, this wealthy, godly, generous woman created a room where Elisha could stay when he was in the area. To repay her kindness, Elisha told her God would give her a son and He did. Later, her son died in the field and the Shunammite (as Elisha called her) placed him on Elisha’s bed. She immediately traveled to get Elisha. She did not stop to explain things to Gehazi, Elisha’s servant, when he came out to meet her. Elisha returned with her and raised her son from the dead. Elisha continued to use her room when he was in Shunem. One day, he warned her of a seven-year famine about to start. He told her to move away. She did as he instructed and moved her entire household to Philistia. When she returned at the end of seven years, she had no husband. So she went to the king to appeal for the return of her house and land. When she arrived, the king and Gehazi were discussing all the things Elisha had done. Gehazi told the king about the Shunammite woman and her son. Gehazi recognized her in the room and introduced her to the king. The king asked her about what had happened and she shared. When she was done, the king ordered that her house, land and all the income from her fields from the day she had left to the present were to be restored to her.

Her legacy for us: Often we don’t discuss our deepest dreams, worst fears, greatest disappointments or other hard things with God first. Instead, we talk to everyone. Results happen when we go directly to the One who can help.

Our response to Him: How can I make coming to You my first response? How can I make listening to Your instructions and following them my heart’s desire and the actions I quickly take? How often do I share the good things You have done for me?

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