Her name was Jochebed

Her name comes from the Hebrew word yokheved meaning “YHWH is glory”. She was the first person with a divine element to their name, yah, a shortened form of YHWH. Her life reflects His glory, goodness, courage, and creativity.

Her story: Exodus 2:1-10, 6:19-20; Numbers 26:59

She was the wife of Amram, and…..his aunt. It was not illegal. The Torah had not been presented yet, and some presume that it has divinely inspired. They were both from the tribe of Levi, so the priestly lineage could continue. All their children were leaders, so their union (and parenting skills) proved fruitful. Moses became one of Israel’s greatest leaders of all time; Aaron became Israel’s first high priest; and Miriam was a prophetess who turned the hearts of a nation to the Lord.

….”She saw that he was a special baby (goodly, favored – meant for greatness, fair) and kept him hidden for three months,” (Exodus 2:2). She demonstrated great faith keeping the child alive when there was a death decree by Pharaoh. When she could no longer hide him, she made a waterproof basket, put him in it, and laid it among the reeds by the river’s bank, knowing Pharaoh’s daughter would come there to bathe. When Pharaoh’s daughter found him, Miriam was there to offer to get a nurse for the child….clear, creative thinking on Jochebed’s part!

Her legacy for us: Jochebed had a short time to make a difference (birth up to seven years, some think) to nurse and train him in the Jewish traditions (morning and evening prayers, etc.), believing that childhood holds powerful potential for growing in wisdom and goodness. Her faith eventually saved a nation!

Our response to Him: Am I intentional with the time I am given to teach and train my children? They belong to You. Do I give them to You and courageously ask for Your creative plan, strength, and guidance to raise them for Your glory and their divine destiny?

This guest post was written by Shawn Martin, my creative, courageous, godly friend. I love hearing what God shows her and learning artsy things from her. She always invites me into conversations that encourage and challenge me to deepen my relationship with the Master Creator. Find Shawn’s artwork and journals at her Etsy shop at this link, CrownofBeautybySM.

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