GOD IS omnipotent

In a world where we don’t always have the ability to do what is needed or desired, it’s comforting to know we have a God who is all powerful.

Consider this: The God who has no limits, the One breathed the breath of life into man, the One who created the blue marble we live on with just His words, the One who spoke the stars into existence, the One with no beginning nor end – He still speaks. He is still at work. And, not a thing we can think or imagine is too hard for Him.

So why do things seem to be wrong so often? Why does it seem I can’t see Him at work?

Heavenly Father, Could it be my fear that keeps me from seeing Your work? Could it be that I’m afraid You want change me and will ask me to do things that are too big or too hard for me to do? Help me remember that You are still the one who has no limits and, with You and only You, I can do whatever You ask of me. Let me have the faith of Mary so I can say, “Nothing is impossible for You. I am Your servant.”

What holds you back from trusting the One who can do things beyond what you could even think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20)?

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