GOD is infinite

We are locked into time and space. God is not.

When it’s hard to describe what something is, it’s helpful to start with what it isn’t. It’s the same when we are talking about God. There are things about Him we can comprehend a little more fully, but there are many things our mind can only catch glimpses of. Jehovah is one of those characteristics and the infiniteness of God is another characteristic.

In a world where riches, fame, expertise, and intellectual knowledge are prized, it is comforting to know that beyond all we can gain, know, or understand is Jehovah, the eternal Self-Existent One. He has more than I can imagine. He is always wise in His decisions and His plans. No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to figure Him out. I’m okay with a God who has some mystery about Him. His word makes another promise to me – He loves me and has good plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11).

Jehovah is infinite! He has no boundaries and no limits. He cannot be distilled into little bits of information or data. He can do above and beyond what we could ever ask or think.

Thank you, God, for being bigger than me and bigger than anything I can see or imagine! Help me take You out of any box I have placed You in and help me remove any limitation I have placed around You. Let me let You be You to me.

The next time you are out in the evening . . . look up at the stars. They are so far away that we measure their distance in multiples of light-years (how long it takes light to travel in one year (5,878,625,370,000 miles). The God who loves you is greater than that! Tell Him how amazed you are and thank Him for leaning down to take care of you here on the Earth He created.

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