GOD IS good

An infinite, all-powerful god who is not also good would be a frightening thought! Our God is good.

We serve a God who is good. But, what exactly does that mean?

Have you ever needed a pair of shoes for a special occasion? Let’s imagine that you were going to the barn, a working barn and you needed a pair of shoes. You go to your closet and you find all kinds of shoes. Converse Chucks are there and they are pleasing to the eye and fit you well, but you know the barn is full of muck and you don’t ruin your vintage tennis shoes. So you move on. There is a pair of house slippers, they are very comfortable and they protect your feel from the cold floors in the winter. When crushed acorns are brought into the house on the sole of shoes, these slippers protect the bottom of your feet from the pokey bits. But are they really the best shoes for the barn? What about your Sunday best? You move on . . . you are looking for something: pleasant (fit your feet correctly), agreeable (suit the occasion), beneficial (protect your feet), with integrity (without holes), not hurtful (won’t impede your walk because they’re too big or too small), and helpful (help you do the work needed without creating unnecessary problems.)

Heavenly Father. Thank you for remembering how You made me and working with me in a way that is perfect for me. Thank You for meeting me in each situation and providing what I need. Thank You for saving me from my own destruction – when it has come from my own decisions or carelessness or the decisions or carelessness of others. Thank You for being faithful. You leave no holes, nothing unaccounted for. Thank You for not calling me to do things that are too far beyond my ability to work with You, and thank You for preparing me (teaching me and training me) for the things You know will come in my life. Thank You for being the One who is always helpful – the One who does not create problems, but the One who makes a way through the problems in this life. Help me continue to trust You, learn from You, listen and wholeheartedly obey You, and delight in and hold dear Your words.

What other way would you describe God’s goodness?

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