. . . about why

Heavenly Father,

What do You want me to know about why you created me?

My precious child,

You are as unique as each sunrise in the morning and each sunset in the evening. I have grand adventures for you. I created you for eternal things. I love you.

Often eternal things seem routine or mundane, because those are the things you were made to do. Don’t discount your work because it seems insignificant. Be faithful in the simple things and listen for My delight as you obey.

Sometimes eternal things are hard or scary. When they are, talk to Me. I will give you what you need. Sometimes I give courage and peace and hope. Sometimes a new perspective comes to mind.  That’s from me.  Often I refocus your vision so your faith sees beyond what your natural eye sees. Run to me when you need renewal.  

When you stumble or fail, call to Me. I will help you up and help you look honestly at what happened. I will help you admit your errors and your weaknesses without condemning you. Ask for My grace and seek forgiveness from those you have hurt.  Forgive yourself and learn the lesson and grow. Let’s dust you off and let’s walk on together.

Eternal things often don’t reveal themselves in the moment. Keep talking to Me so you don’t miss eternal opportunities.  

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