Lessons Learned from June 2020, Week 1

I tend to sit, listen and watch before I share. I’m just that way. I’ve been watching, listening, and learning.

Lessons Learned the first week of June 2020
1. There is good and bad in the world and it is always recognizable by its actions and often recognized by its words and tone.
2. When good happens, it is important to take note. Because the world needs more good.
3. When bad happens, it is important to take note and take appropriate action.
4. Everyone needs room to grow and change. No one is completely bad and no one is completely good.
5. It is important not to stand and watch disrespectful chaos happen, especially if it is potentially life-threatening.

We can’t change the past, but we can change the future. And I can’t change the world, but I can take responsibility for myself and my own actions.

1. I will pray for courage and wisdom and then step into the fray. Because waiting for someone else to step up is cowardly.
2. I will listen first to my fellow human beings so we can build a common vocabulary. That’s needed for meaningful communication.
3. I may not agree with everything I hear, but I will remember that perspective is reality. And until I understand theirs, I cannot effectively help.
4. I will ask more questions.
5. I will help those I meet – regardless, because when I needed help, HE helped me. I will be His hands and feet.
6. There may be those I meet who don’t want to hear about Him, so I will live my life as a witness until they ask.
7. I will be gentle and compassionate. I will extend mercy. I will speak truth in love – because love facilitates relationship and truth allows for problem-solving.

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