Lessons Learned from A Slow Leak

  1. Constantly dripping water creates lots of choices, starting with doing a fast fix or the right fix. 
  2. Sometimes the simplest thing is the best thing to do, sometimes not.  It’s important to know the difference. 
  3. Fast fixes are hardly ever permanent fixes. 
  4. Right fixes take longer and last longer. 
  5. It’s important to limit choices before you see the first option, because the world is full of too many choices. It’s vital to select the right filter before limiting choices.  
  6. Inviting an expert to help makes for better results and removes the misery of trying to work outside your own skill set.
  7. An expert has sources you don’t have and has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  8. Be nice to your expert and he will give you options that will save you from doing ugly.
  9. Your expert may have ideas you have not considered.  Listen carefully.
  10. Responsible folks clear the mess before they leave. Having to start the next session by dealing with a mess first makes the workday and worksite uninviting.

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