Why “Lessons Learned”

“Lessons Learned” are generally written in a short, concise format, often in only a couple of sentences. Here are reasons why I write “Lessons Learned” as I do:

  1. Learning and remembering lessons in this fashion was taught to me long ago. Our family made many moves while I was growing up. Each move involved leaving behind joy and pain, good and bad. To keep bitterness from taking root in my heart, I was taught to “learn the (hard) lessons and forget how I learned them.” Over the years, there have been times when I’ve asked God to wipe my memory so I could move into the next season He had for me. He’s always be gracious to rewrite the pain after I recorded the lesson learned so I was a little wiser the next time similar situations arose. (He’s good that way!)
  2. Rather than go into a lengthy explanation or description of the lesson, it’s easier for me to remember them if they’re short statements. The full story may or may not be shared. If you’re interested in one in particular, ask and I’ll let you know if I’m might share it.
  3. Some lessons are learned by observing what happens in others’ lives or during my interaction with others. It’s not my place to share personal things that are part of their story. My story is my story and mine to share if and when I see fit. Their stories are theirs and theirs to share if and when they choose. If I do share information, the identity of the other learners are protected unless I first get approval for a post with names in it.
  4. Lessons come in a variety of levels of seriousness. Some are very serious and some are just fun. Just like learning!
  5. Some lessons are learned by observing what happens in nature. Because those things can’t give permission and others can make the same observations, I will site them as sources of my lesson (see Lessons Learned from Cows in a Storm).

I hope as you read the lessons I’ve learned that you will begin to take note of the lessons you are learning. Life is cumulative. Don’t get stuck having to learn the same lesson repeatedly. If you don’t know what the lesson is, ask your Heavenly Father. He’s got the lesson plans!

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