Lessons Learned from Cows in a Storm

During one of my recent trips to Lubbock, I traveled across a stormy Texas. I noticed the herds I usually see grazing across fields on bright sunny days were all doing the same thing. Here’s some lessons I learned:

  1. In a storm, know where to go. In every field where there were cows, they were all crowded up in the southeastern-most corner of the field, as close to the fence as they could safely get. In places were the storm had not yet arrived in its full fury, cows were making their way to the southern fence. Boundaries help.
  2. In a storm, go with a friend. Even cows seem to innately understand the comforting feeling when someone else is suffering right there beside you.
  3. In a storm, huddle up. Misery and discomfort are more bearable when experienced all together, and safety and security can be provided for those who need it.
  4. In a storm, face the right direction. Putting your back to the cold wind and rain helps. At least you can keep your eyes open that way.
  5. In a storm, stand still and wait. Storms generally have a stopping point – even the long ones. Waiting patiently in the right spot, facing the right direction, with the right friends can help. The Rancher will know where to find you!
  6. In a storm, jumping the fence is a bad idea. When the safety of the fence line (the boundary) is crossed, panic often results. Running, alone, and afraid in a storm is always painful and could get you killed.

Lessons Learned from a Rancher

  1. Cows have very little compassion and will crowd out the frail and the sick. Be more compassionate than a cow. Your Heavenly Father has placed them in your field.
  2. Most cows don’t go out and help the calf in the middle of the puddle come back to safety (even when lightening is flashing and thunder is rolling). Self-preservation is primary. Be better than a cow. Watch out for others!

Heavenly Father, Help me welcome the frail and the sick to huddle up with me as I huddle closer to You. And when You call me into the cold wet puddle during the pelting rain and roaring thunder, help me to go willingly and encourage others to come back to Your huddle.

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