Lessons Learned on a Sunday in Europe (2018)

Regardless of the language, the style of service, the style of music, or the setting, when a group of people who love God come together to worship Him, He shows up. But this group must be looking for and listening for Him.

In the back of this beautiful cathedral, during the service, there is a continual hubbub of movement and hushed noises as on-lookers, spectators, sight-seers, and photographers wandered around the area near the entrance. Each with their own focus. Each wanted to see. Each hurrying through to get to their next site.

Heavenly Father, How often have I simply come into Your presence to see what was going on, to watch, to create pictures in my mind of Your riches and failed to simply sit and listen for Your voice? Refusing to take the time to allow You to touch my heart? Help me remember to simply sit and listen. You never fail to speak when I do.

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