19 Lessons from 2019

  1. One moment in time can change everything.
  2. Don’t wait to communicate what you need to share. If you can’t say it aloud, write it down.
  3. Remember, HE always prepares you.
  4. Be grateful, because there’s always something to give thanks for.
  5. When the way seems hard, hold HIS hand and get HIS perspective.
  6. Keep your eyes on HIM by looking beyond the stormy waves.
  7. Work on the inside first.
  8. Each job has its own uniform. Put on the appropriate apron and get to work.
  9. Don’t just sit idly by and watch as destruction happens.
  10. Only shared vocabulary allows for accurate communication.
  11. Don’t misuse what is sacred.
  12. There’s a journey and a lesson between promises given and promises received.
  13. Walk with God; don’t run ahead in your imagination and don’t lag behind in other unhelpful emotional pits.
  14. HE has great things in store for you, so don’t miss the opportunity to experience them.
  15. Find HIS gifts each day.
  16. Learn to work in bursts and allow for interruptions.
  17. Follow HIM without fear or dread, because HE goes ahead and HE has goodness and mercy following you.
  18. Trust HIS plan. The middle may be hard but the end is beyond anything we can imagine.
  19. Relax because HE will supply you with what you need at just the right time.

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