Reading for Comprehension

Let’s work together to grow deeper in our understanding of God’s Word. If you missed steps 1 and 2, scroll down to the bottom of the page and for links to those posts.

Did you find information about the author and reader from for today? In a couple of days, I’ll share more about where to get that information and share information from where I’m reading. If you didn’t get it, don’t worry. You can come back to this important step.

Today, let’s read for deeper comprehension. We want to truly understand better what the Scripture says. You will need a printed copy of the text you are reading. I prefer writing the text out myself in my journal, double-spaced. Writing it myself causes me to read more closely and it helps me spot words, ideas and phrases that are repeated or are intriguing.

Then pull out other Bible translations you might have or use a website to read different translations of your text. A great website to use is . This doesn’t have to be a long, tedious process, but read enough translations that you have a fuller understanding.

We’ll talk later about different translations. You need to remember that translators are careful about the words they choose. But as time passes, the meanings of words may change too. That is why some versions are harder to understand. I find the New Living Translation (NLT) very easy to read and enjoy reading the Complete Jewish Bible (CJB). Our pastor uses the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB). You will find some translations that speak to you.

Now make some notes about what you have read – those repeated words, ideas, phrases. Ask God to help you understand what He wants you to know. And feel free to share in the comments.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for the opportunity to come to You directly to learn. Thank You for Your Word. Your Word always brings life!

Links to previous steps are here:

Step 1: Digging Deeper

Step 2: Checking the Seed

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