Checking the Seed

Let’s work together to grow deeper in our understanding of God’s Word. Did you read and re-read your Scripture yesterday? If not, start here: Digging Deeper

Let’s find out more about this Scripture so we’re reading. Here are two major questions we need answers to and suggestions about where to find this information.


  • Who wrote this? We know the Bible is inspired by God, but He worked through many authors. And these authors had different kinds of jobs and lived in different places . . . So it’s important to know who wrote the book and passage you are reading.
    • When was this book written? Knowing when the book was written can help with discovering the readers, the culture and the concerns of the time.
    • What is the genre of this book? Is it recorded history, poetry, an allegory? This will help us later in knowing whether we should be literal or not. Much of the Bible is literal.
  • Who did the author believe the readers would be? Writers often have a picture of who their readers are, so they write in a way that those readers would easily understand. Who was this book written for?
    • What did the author (under the direction of the Holy Spirit) want the readers to do or respond after reading this book?

ANSWERS for the questions can often be found in Bibles at the beginning of each book. Find the beginning of the book and then look for reference pages there. The passage you are reading is a part of a book, so this information will help you understand why this book and your passage is so important.

And just think – Now you are holding His book. God put this in His book and He wants you to read it. Ask Him to show you how He wants you to respond.

I know examples are often helpful . . . so later today, I’ll post an example from the reading I’m doing in Genesis 3:1-7. But please, do your work before you look at mine. God wants to talk to you personally and you will find nuggets of His Truth that you would otherwise miss if you just read mine.

Dear Heavenly Father, create a love for Your Word in our hearts. Speak to us and show us how You want us to respond to you – personally.

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