GOD IS The God of Peace

More than ever, we need to know the God of Peace, Jehovah-Shalom.

Lessons Learned from Gideon’s Call:

  • Listen when Jehovah speaks your name and your title. He called Gideon “Valiant Hero.” But Gideon wasn’t valiant, he was afraid. He wasn’t a hero. He was hiding. God sees what we are capable of, what He has made us. He calls those things out of us so we can accomplish the tasks He has prepared for us.
  • When we remember God’s faithfulness or stories of His faithfulness, let’s tell Him. Ask Him to show us why we don’t see it at this time. It’s okay to ask. Sometimes He answers those questions. In those cases, let’s respond to what He reveals to us. Sometimes He just continues to speak of His plans.
  • Listen to His responses to any questions. His instructions often include His promises. At any time, we can accept the assignment given to us. But if we need more information . . .  
  • It’s okay to ask “How” questions, but don’t be surprised when the answer is His presence. Remember, though, that asking “how” reveals that our thoughts are on trying to determine how we can accomplish the task rather than how He plans to do it.
  • He knows sometimes we need a sign, so He doesn’t mind revealing Himself to open, honest seekers. When He gives a sign, we will know it is from Him. It might be scary. If it is, be honest and then listen again. If it is from Him, He will reassure us. He wants our reverence, and true reverence has an honest bit of fear it in.
  • Peace doesn’t come from seeing the sign. Peace comes from His presence and hearing His calming voice. When we are at peace with God, we are encouraged to obey. We recognize we can rely on Him and His character. We don’t argue with Him or give excuses for delayed obedience or or ask Him to reconfirm things we have already heard. We understand He is God and He is with us. Our response is to allow Him to work.
  • Peace with God often means that we are at odds with others, particularly unbelievers. Maybe our first decisions must be: “Where does my peace come from? Who would I rather be at peace with – the Prince of Peace or those who promise peace in this world?” All our responses (both actions and words) to those who don’t understand should directed by God. He knows how to bring peace to those folks as well.

Heavenly Father, Help me to listen carefully to Your words to me. Help me remember that all You do is focused on bringing peace. Your Son is the living, walking, working Prince of Peace and Your Holy Spirit grows this fruit in my heart, mind, and life. Your peace is eternal and much grander than simply a lack of strife, struggling, and heartache.Your peace calms my heart. Your peace makes me strong. Your peace helps me do things that I could not do on my own. Let me live a life ruled by your peace!

Do you know the God of Peace?

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