God is Jehovah-Jireh

All God’s promises to Abraham started with a promise to see and provide what Abraham needed. God promises that to us, too.

The story of the name Jehovah-Jireh is hard to read. How could a good God tell Abraham (the man He made great promises to) to take Isaac (the only son who could make those promises reality), go off, build an altar, and sacrifice him? When the story is told out of the context of Abraham’s life, it doesn’t make sense. But, long before this day, Abraham had heard God tell him to move away from his family and go to a far off country “that I will show you.” The Hebrew word “show you” can also be translated “see or provide.” (Genesis 12) Abraham obeyed, went, and God provided.

In Genesis 22:1-19, Abraham got up and took Isaac to the place that God showed him. Along the way, when Isaac begins to question, Abraham answers, “The Lord God will see and provide.” Abraham says this in faith (trusting obedience to God). Then, he made preparations to obey God (even when it seemed contrary to God’s original words and promises). This was the hardest part . . . it was a test of Abraham’s heart: Would he trust Jehovah (our infinite, omnipotent [all-powerful], good, loving God) or spare Isaac (the child he loved more than anything else and the one in whom many of the other promises resided)? Abraham decided to trust God and God interrupts him and tells him to stop. God had already seen the need and supplied the sacrifice in Isaac’s place. In verse 13, Abraham sees a sacrificial ram caught in the thicket. God wasn’t out to destroy the promise. He was testing the heart of a man.

Abraham’s test is a foreshadowing of Calvary, where God gave His only begotten Son, In that place, there was no other option. For each of us, God sees the need and provides the Answer. Our response? Lay ourselves down first.

Heavenly Father, Help me remember that when I am tested, Your promises to me do not change. Your words do not change. You are faithful. You keep Your promises. Help me keep my eyes focused on You and obey – even when it’s hard. Help me remember Your faithfulness. I know you respond to yielded hearts.

Are you in the midst of a hard place? Remember God – Jehovah-Jireh – sees all and He will provide.

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