Her name was Phoebe

Her name means “radiant” and comes from a word associated with the light that comes from a lamp. Her life reflected The Light of the World.

Her story: Acts 16:1-2

At the end of the letters Paul wrote, he greeted members of the community where the letter went and sent greetings from his ministry team. The list at the end of Romans begins with Phoebe. Paul introduced her to the church in Roman as his sister-in-Christ and a servant of the church in Cenchrea. When Paul left Ephesus, he went to Cenchrea, a sea-port near Corinth, to minister. He met Phoebe there. Paul asked the church in Rome to welcome her with hospitality in the way they would welcome other Christians. He instructed them to help her with whatever she needed because she had been a woman who had helped many. Paul himself received help from her. The word he used to describe her can be properly translated as a woman set over others and historians believe she was a deaconess in the church in Cenchrea. The word can also be translated as a female guardian, a protector and a woman who cares for others and helps them out of her own resources. It is used only once in the Bible. 

History says that Phoebe was on her way to Rome and Paul probably entrusted her with his letter. Although others traveled with her, she became the guardian and protector of this important letter.

Her legacy for us: When we attend to the things that God puts in our path with the same care and compassion He would, others often notice. Our goal is to reflect God’s faithfulness, His kindness, and His compassion.

Our response to Him: How can I better know what is important to You and how to care for it? How well do I attend to the people and the things You have entrusted to me?

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