Her story is personal

Her name is not known.

Her story: Matthew 9:20-22, 14:36; Mark 5:24-34, 6:56; Luke 6:19, 8:43-48 

Big crowds followed Jesus and all three Gospels record encounters where people touched Jesus and were healed. Her story was different. This woman suffered 12 years with a bleeding disorder. In the Old Testament there were strict protocols for women who were menstruating which included being isolated from all others until the bleeding stopped. She had been to many doctors and used all her money to find a cure, but she was simply getting worse. She heard about Jesus and went to see Him with one thought in mind, ““If I could touch Him or His clothing, I would be healed.” When she ventured into the crowd, she risked detection and persecution, but she went anyway. She came up behind Jesus and ever-so-gently touched His robe. Immediately she felt the healing occur and knew she was healthy. When she touched Him, Jesus stopped and asked, “Who touched me?” There was something different about her touch and He felt it, too. Jesus looked around for the one who had been intentional and she came forward and knelt at His feet. She told Him about her disease, her purpose for touching Him and what happened when she did. Jesus responded to her testimony with compassion. He called her “Daughter” (He used this term of endearment with no one else in Scripture.). He told her that the touching didn’t heal her. It was her faith in Him that healed her. He sent her on her way with His peace and reminded her she was free from the suffering she had experienced for so long.

Her legacy for us: She could have been like all the others in the crowd, simply asking for something and accepting the blessing He provided. But she was different. Hers was not a simply wordless transaction. She was intentional in her interaction with Him and Jesus was very intentional in His personal response to her.

Our response to Him: How often do I intentionally reach out and invite You to turn and tell me things You know I need to hear? Do I give you plenty of time to confirm Your work in me and send me back into the crowd with Your peace? Even when I’m fearful, do I testify of Your work in my life?

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