Her name is Huldah

Her name was Huldah.

Her name means “weasel” and perhaps it refers to the gliding motion the animal makes. Animal names were popular during that time in Israel.

Her story: 2 Kings 22:14; 2 Chronicles 34:22

Huldah’s story is tied to King Josiah. He was born from a line of evil kings, but he stood out as a good king who loved God. When he was 26, Josiah took the funds collected by the priests, counted them and began rebuilding the temple. During the restoration, the high priest found “the book of the law” and gave it to the court secretary. He brought the book back and read it to the king. Josiah was convicted because the nation had violated God’s commandments, but he didn’t know what to do next. So he sent a delegation of five men to see Huldah. We don’t know how King Josiah knew her. There were other more famous male prophets he could have consulted (Jeremiah and Zephaniah), but he called her by name. Huldah was “the keeper of the wardrobe.” She kept clothes. We know nothing else, except she was also a prophetess. Huldah responded to the king’s question with a message in two parts: (1) Yes, disaster is coming, (2) but because your heart is eager to follow God, it will be delayed and you won’t see it. King Josiah’s brought all of Israel to the temple. He read the book aloud and made a covenant with God to do everything written in the book. On that day, Josiah’s reign was propelled from passively following God to an active battle to rid his nation of the things which God hated and bring back the things that God commanded. At the end of his life, Josiah’s activities as king were called “deeds of faithful love according to what is written in the law of the Lord.” (2 Chronicles 35:36)

Her legacy for us: Huldah was a simple woman with a simple job, but she changed the course of a nation because she knew God’s heart and mind and spoke His words.

Our response to Him: Is my trust in You the most prevalent thing others see in me? Do I continually and actively move closer to what You want? How well am I seeking to know Your heart and mind?

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