Her name was Rebekah.

Her name means “ensnarer” and the Arabic meaning of the same word is “a rope with a noose.” It suggests that Rebekah’s beauty ensnared men, but it was her servant’s heart and kindness that won the hearts of Abraham’s servant and Isaac, her husband-to-be.

Her story: Genesis 24:1 – 28:5

Rebekah’s story began before she came into the picture. Sarah died and Abraham was old. Isaac needed a wife. Abraham sent his oldest servant to get a wife for Isaac. When the servant arrived after his long journey, he prayed a very specific prayer and then waited. When he asked for a drink of water at the well, the first woman he asked was the one he was looking for. Rebekah gave him and his ten camels water. The servant made arrangements to bring Rebekah back to Isaac and Isaac loved her. Isaac had no other wives. Isaac and Rebekah had twins, Esau and Jacob. The boys were very different and their parents had favorite sons, creating a divided family. When the boys were grown, Jacob traded a bowl of soup for Esau’s birthright and when it was time for Isaac to give the Father’s Blessing, Rebekah helped Jacob deceive his father and he stole the blessing as well. The division in the family then became hatred and Rebekah’s actions tore the family apart. She lost both sons. Esau took revenge by marrying several Canaanite women and eventually moved to live with Ishmael (Hagar’s son). Jacob was sent back to Rebekah’s family.

Her legacy for us: Rebekah was fearless. She went to a place she didn’t know to marry a man she didn’t know. But, Rebekah came from a family filled with deceptive practices. She herself helped with the deceit and tore her family apart. God wants us to trust Him and His plan rather than using the enemy’s strategies to get what God has promised.

Our response to Him: When You look at me, where do you see deception? What would help me trust Your timing and Your plan and be completely honest and blameless in Your sight?

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