Her name was Abigail.

Her name means “a source of joy.” She intervened when tempers were flaring and brought about peace, and ultimately joy-filled futures.

Her story: 1 Samuel 25:3-42

Abigail was beautiful, intelligent and resourceful and the wife of a rich, arrogant, drunken, harsh business man named Nabal. She met not-yet-King David as he and his men were evading King Saul. David’s men camped and protected Nabal’s shepherds and sheep during the shearing time, a dangerous time full of hard labor for shepherds. David sent word to Nabal asking for needed provisions for his men as reimbursement for the safety they had provided. Nabal rudely refused to send anything to them. David’s messengers went back to David and reported what had happened. David’s first response was to take up swords against Nabal’s household. At the same time, one of Nabal’s servants went and described the conversation to Abigail and the truth about what David and his men had done for them. Abigail packed up bread, meat, grain, and fruit and sent them ahead of her to David’s men. When she met David and his men on the road to their home, she apologized and took the guilt that was truly Nabal’s. She spoke plainly to David and asked David not harm Nabal’s household. She explained that needless bloodshed or revenge would be something he would carry the rest of his life. David relented and granted her request. When she returned home, she waited for Nabal to sober up and told him how she had intervened. Within two weeks, the Lord struck Nabal dead and David to Abigail as his own wife.

Her legacy for us: Abigail stood between two men who were tempted to allow the worst of themselves to create a bloody situation. Abigail was wise in her actions, providing what was needed, and wise with her words, reminding others of the plans God has for their lives.

Our response to Him: How can I become a woman You can use to courageously and lovingly speak truth into situations that are going awry?

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