Her name was Eve.

She was first called “woman” because she was built from Adam’s rib. Later, Adam named her Eve, “living, life-giver, the mother of all living.”

Her story: Genesis 2:22-23, 3:1-16, 3:20, 4:1; 2 Corinthians 11:3; 1 Timothy 2:13

Eve was created by God’s own hands after Adam realized that there wasn’t another creature like him. She was created to be his helper, equal and different, and a resource of great help. Together, they had the capacity to fill the earth with all kinds of goodness. One ordinary day, Eve had a conversation with the enemy about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and God’s instructions. Eve made a decision that changed everything. Adam followed her example and shame, blame, deception and death entered the world. Eve and her husband tried to make things right, but they couldn’t. When God came for His daily visit with them, they hid. The loving and healthy respect they had for God has been tainted and became overwhelming fear because they knew His power. But, God loved them so much He gave them what they needed to cover their shame. He moved them from Paradise into the wild part of the earth, creating space so they wouldn’t make matters worse. Then, He placed a boundary at the Garden gate as extra precaution. From that day forward, what had been easy became hard. Her relationship with her husband was now strained. She had been created as a helper to co-labor with him, but there was a leadership problem in this family. When her first son was born, she remembered God’s promise of a man to correct things. She later suffered as this son killed another, knowing the root cause of these actions.

When asked by God what happened, Eve was truthful when she said, “The serpent deceived me and I ate.” Truthful communication with God reflects a heart that recognized her error and leaned into His lovingkindness, even when it was scary.

Her legacy for us: Those who can bring great help can also bring great ruin. Best choices align with God’s warnings and rest in His provisions. And, truthful and faith-filled responses to His correction are His desire. Eve’s decision to listen to and act the enemy’s voice and his deceptive promises unleashed things she could not imagine.

Our response to Him: How do I keep You and Your Word center in my life so I give life and nurture the things You want? How can I walk with You daily so that I am not deceived by the voice of the enemy?

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