Just thinking . . .

Regretting: Experiencing a sorrowful feeling focused on past behavior

Regret lingers forever and is remedied with repentance.

His lovingkindness draws us to repentance.

Repenting: Taking an action focused on correcting this moment forward

Repenting: Laying down the bad and ugly to pick up and use the good

Repentance can make Him Savior.

His sacrifice for our eternal souls draws us to surrender.

Surrendering: Laying down my whole self – the good, bad, and ugly, and my heart, mind, soul, strength and resources – for His use and His glory.

Surrender makes Him my Lord.

Dearest Jesus, Help me continually surrender all I am and all I have to You. Nothing I have or can do is good. If there is any good that comes from me, it is because You have put it there. Help me be what You want me to be.

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