Exchange it!

He crouched low and focused intently on his treasures: a Styrofoam cup and three donut holes. One yummy goodie was in the bottom of the cup, another in his hand, and the third on the floor. Balancing on his haunches, he gently secured the second hole in his cup, then he reached down and collected the last one from the floor.

I knelt beside him and pointed to the donut hole he placed on top. I asked if I could have it. He turned and looked me squarely in the eyes with a confused expression. I explained it had been on the floor and was dirty. I told him if he would give it to me, his aunt would replace it. She, too, had seen what had happened and already had another donut hole for him. 

He looked back at the hole again and quietly, sincerely said, “It’s okay. I blew it off.”

“Oh,” I said. “I understand.” His logic was efficient and sound: React quickly, get rid of problems you see, move on, enjoy. But I know where shoe bottoms travel and what they pick up and deposit in other places. So I continued, “But it’s really hard to see all the dirt and germs on the floor and now they’re on your donut hole too. Please let me have it, and you can have a new one – a clean one.”

Reluctantly he removed the soiled donut hole and placed it in my hand.  His aunt gave him a new one and he stood up, pleased to have all his treasures, and moved confidently to his next task, unaware of the horrid things that didn’t go into his mouth that day.

Heavenly Father, How often do you ask me to surrender what I’m holding and learn Your ways? Help me remember You see things I don’t and You always have my best interests in mind. Help me run to you and exchange what wounds my soul for Your ways. You don’t treat my wounds superficially. You are the only source of true peace! Help me let You do Your work in me.

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