Make Informed Decisions about Your Path

We are at a crossroad in Psalm 107. In verse 33, the writing changes from a song to descriptions of God’s blessings and His judgment, a glimpse at two different paths.

During our stay on the farm, I came back from the barn alone one day and recognized something I hadn’t noticed before. I had walked through this intersection at least eight times each day. Each time, I had made an unconscious decision about where I was headed based on what I was doing in that particular moment. Many times on our spiritual journey,  we pass through crossroads without giving them the time and energy they truly deserve and require.

In Jeremiah 6:16, Jeremiah recorded God’s words explaining how to address crossroads in an intentional manner, so we can seriously think about what we are doing and where we are headed.

There are five (5) action verbs in that part of the verse: Stand. Look. Ask. Take. Find. When we continue trudging along a familiar path without standing still and looking around, we end up repeating all the same things we have done before – good, bad, or ugly. Do this enough times and we develop a habit. When we don’t ask for His guidance, we often miss what He prepares for us – rest and peace. Only God knows where these crossroads end up and that is why we have to ask for His direction. When He answers our question, then we can make an informed decision about which path to take.

Psalm 107 describes two different kinds of path and only one leads to peace and rest for our souls. The psalm ends with a warning: Let whoever is wise pay attention to these things and consider the LORD’s acts of faithful love.

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