He Always Comes to Our Rescue

Have you seen this in your lifetime? Things were going exceptionally well. Everything you were successful in all that you were doing. You had all the skills needed to meet all your goals. Then, something happened and things began to fall apart and nothing you tried worked the way it should. Your own skills and abilities were ineffective, “swallowed up.” Everything seemed bent on unraveling you.

The psalmist (Psalm 107) says that these times come because God speaks. His goal is not to destroy us. His goal is to teach us quickly acknowledge our need and to call for help. Even in those storms, He is right there with us. He hears our cries.

He comes to help. He calms the storm and brings us safely into the harbor He has already prepared for us. Sometimes He intervenes in the situation itself on our behalf. Sometimes He simply calms the storm in our heart, mind, and body and we sense His presence close as we walk through the experience. Either way, He alone is the one who can and does bring peace. And along the way, He teaches us to hang onto His hand and trust His heart for us.

How should we respond when He works on our behalf? He asked that we express our gratitude to Him and tell others what He has done. There are many other people in circumstance where they don’t know what to do next. They need to hear how God works in those situations as well!

Your testimony becomes evidence of God’s grace, goodness, and mercy that others need to hear! Never once does He leave us all alone.

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