He Does What We Can’t Do Ourselves

Sometimes our distress and trouble is simply part of life. We wander in the wilderness because we don’t know any better. But there are times when our own decisions create distress, sorrow and misery. Psalms 107: 10-16 describes how this happens and the potential results.

Sometimes we find ourselves in dark, hidden, destructive places full of misery and calamity. We become depressed, gloomy, and lack strength and/or will to get out. We are stuck, bound, and tied up – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes physically (especially if we have attempted to remedy the loneliness and relationships with substances). We can’t escape. In fact, the more we try to escape, the deeper and deeper we sink.

How did we get there? Verse 11 explains that we are imprisoned because we scorned God’s word. He spoke and we turned our heads and put our hands over our ears. We went our own way. He continued talking to us, calling us, but we intentionally ignored and defied Him.

The All-Knowing God knows our rebellion leads to even more hardship and problems. He won’t overstep our free will, so He continually watches and calls as we move into places where no one else is able to protect or help us. These end-of-our-rope or “the bottom” places are accompanied with humiliation and shame. But God never humiliates us. His desire is simply that we become humble and honest enough to recognize our state and call to Him.

When we call with an honest, humble heart, He comes to where we are, bursts through our prison doors and rips our restraints out of the walls, bolts and all. Our job is to listen and follow His directions as He moves on our behalf. This is His gift of grace to us. He then leads us from the darkness to freedom. All He asks is that we accept His loving compassion, listen to His voice and follow Him out.

Heavenly Father, Almighty God, thank You for coming to save us when we are unable to save ourselves. Thank You for coming to the places where darkness and chains hold us. Give us eyes to see where decisions will take us and give us ears to hear Your voice and Your word to us.

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