Suit up, Warrior!

We are in a battle, but it’s not the battle we think it is. Our battle is not for the love and affection of another person or even to stop the pain we feel. Our battle is for life and legacy – ours and the generations who follow us.

Suit up, Warrior. Fight. You are worth it.

Let’s start with truth and tell our Commander everything we have been experiencing, our fears, our needs, our mistakes, our worries, our coping strategies, everything. Let’s simply lay it all out before Him and be brutally honest with Him. He already knows, and He desires and loves when truth pours from our hearts and through our lips to His ears.

Let’s speak truth. Many times we look away from our Commander and try to fix things for ourselves. We create idols of people because we want their affection and time. We create idols of things because they mask our pain. When we create idols, we become bound. And the people and things become like a sticky pit we cannot extract ourselves from.

Let’s speak the truth about ourselves and our parts in the whole thing. Others may influence our decisions, but we are responsible for our own words and deeds. We can’t blame others for what comes out of our mouths or things our hands do. When The Truth reveals the truth in our inner beings and we agree and speak that truth back to Him, the work of repairing the breaches in our most important relationship (our relationship with Him) has already started.


He called you individually by name.

He loves you individually regardless of where you have been or what you have done.

He would have taken the shame, suffering, and guilt if you were the only one to respond to Him.

He is not ashamed of you.

He loves you with an everlasting love.

He knows your struggles and how to fix them.

Listen for His voice.

Don’t let your eyes or ears get distracted from Him. And when you find you have glanced away or are staring at someone or something else, or you hear the voice of the enemy inviting you back, run to Jesus. Run into His arms and ask Him to help you stay focused on Him. We need His help and the help of fellow soldiers, brothers and sisters in Christ. Reach for those open hands and lean on the One Who loves and cares about us the most.

Your battle is for your very life and legacy. God has a plan and He wants to give you a mighty testimony. Testimonies start with having an honest conversation with your Commander (He knows it all anyway), listening for His instructions, and then doing what He says. Your brothers and sisters are here to help you.

You do not fight alone.

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