God is everywhere

The psalmist ask a personal question, “Where can I escape from Your spirit?” The answer brings confidence, comfort and strength to those who desire or need a deeper relationship with God.

Go back and read verses 7-12 from Psalm 139. You may have read them in the link on the God knows everything post.

Whether I am in heaven or hell, it doesn’t matter. You are there. The extremes of bliss or terror do not keep You from seeing me and being beside me. Your presence may effect me very differently in those place, but You are with me.

Whether I run the east or west, it doesn’t matter. East and west describe the unending boundaries of our sphere. You have no boundaries. You are always in front of me and behind me. You are with me wherever I go.

Whether day or night, it doesn’t matter. Darkness cannot hide me because Your ability to see and know what is happening is not helped or hindered by light. You see just as well in the dark as You do in the brightness of sunshine. Nothing is hidden from Your sight. Even when I seem to be hidden away from others and this world, You are still with me.

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your consistent, continual presence. Help me became more aware. I can’t be in all places at all times like you, but wherever I am, help me reflect Your goodness in the world around me.

Where do you need Him today?

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