The bitter cold came…

And it’s been a long week. Feels like we lost time, just like in November when Covid hit the house. But what if it was something else?

What if it was . . .

  • . . . a pre-ordained rest period?
  • . . . a training ground for the future?
  • . . . a test to see what is deep within us, a way to help us see what or who we ultimately depend on when trials come?
  • . . . a time-out so emotions could calm and open opportunities for rational thoughts to come?
  • . . .a way to remind us that while the outside world whirls with chaos, conflict and controversy, our homes and our inner worlds don’t have to?
  • . . .a time to help us remember that silences allow spaces to process the voices vying for our attention?
  • . . . a reminder of how far we have moved from simple lives and simple times and an invitation to return?

Time spent those ways are never lost. In fact, they are very valuable.

Heavenly Father, whatever the reason . . . help me to learn the lesson that You had in it for me. Help me remember the lesson so I can move forward more equipped, more confident, more reliant on You.

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