Lessons learned from a pencil

  • Stick together and stay sharp. It’s easier to stay sharp when you have friends in the box with you who are sharp, too.
  • One simple tool can give life to all the ideas in your brain! Pencils have been making masterpieces for ages. When things get complicated, we should probably start back with the simpler things.
  • Don’t fret. Don’t compare. A dull point can be sharpened again.
  • Stay sharp but don’t hurt anyone! Don’t poke others. It’s not kind.
  • It takes all kinds to make a beautiful picture. Some things are black and white, but life is lived in color. Live a life that reflects all the light!
  • Always keep a few spares ready. Once in a while things will happen and you’ll be happy if you have a spare or two ready and willing to help. Spares might include pencils, ideas, or friends.
  • Don’t know? Ask someone who knows! Never be afraid to ask an honest question. If you need information, ask. If you need advice, ask. If you are curious, ask.
  • Don’t be afraid to stand out. In a world where many folks want to blend in, don’t be afraid to stand out. Just make sure you are standing out for the right thing.
  • Think. Then edit. It’s easier to make and keep friends if your words are edited to be kind and encouraging.
  • Little things can do great things! Most of the best ideas started with one tiny, quick thought that crossed someone’s mind and then was recalled to allow for deeper thinking.
  • Use all the colors in the box. Don’t limit yourself to a single color for drawing or a single perspective for making decisions.
  • Not all blues are the same. Each one has its own beauty. Every one is unique and even those who seem most like us are different from us.
  • Apologies may not completely erase mistakes but they give space to try again. Apologies are the first step to creating a place where we can try again.
  • Mistakes are opportunities to learn and find better solutions. Mistakes, when recognized by those responsible for them, can be the catalyst for better things. Mistakes help us learn what not to do – again.
  • When solving problems with others, keep to the point. Don’t bring up past hurts or failures. It’s never a good idea to bring up the past to help solve a problem in the present.
  • Old dollars can still buy things and old pencils can still solve problems. Sometimes we get the idea in our mind that when things are old, they are useless. This is not true for lots of things, including dollars, pencils, and people.
  • Time in the sharpener is never fun, but the results can be amazing. When you’ve used up all you have, taking sometime to recharge and learn more will make you sharp again!

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