Choose Intentionally

I’m still in the first parts of Genesis and have come to this conclusion:

Many times we tend to think of the world God created and His rules like this:

When we look at the world this way, it doesn’t appear to be very free or joyful.

But in reality, God’s rules are much simpler. In Genesis, when He presented choices to Adam and Eve, He said, “You can have every green thing to eat, except this one.” And He explained why. “When you eat this one, you will die.”

The truth is:

  • We always have the opportunity to decide between what God says to do and what He says not to do.
  • Once we make a choice, it is easier to make the same choice when the opportunity arises again.
  • There are always consequences to our choices. Sometimes one of the consequences is that making a better choice can be painful.
  • The choices we make reflect what we believe about God and ourselves.
    • Do I trust His word?
    • Do I trust that He knows what I need and like?
    • Do I trust Him to give me what’s best for me and warn me about what’s not?
  • His “Not” list is purposeful. What’s on that list is deadly!
  • To make a better choices, decide who always tells the truth and listen to what that One has to say.

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