I wonder what would happen…

. . . if we worked to communicate clearly with kindness?

. . . if we built a common vocabulary with shared definitions, so we know we are talking about the same thing? Would that reduce our miscommunication and confusion?

. . . if we agreed with all that we could and respectfully disagreed with only what we must?

. . . if we shared our message clearly and in ways to help others hear what we have to say, inviting them to join us in conversation?

. . . if we responded politely without ridiculing or being condescending when we recognize others don’t understand or when genuine questions for clarification are asked?

. . . if we gave space and time for thoughtful responses? The best solutions to problems come with conversation and collaboration.

. . . if we gave up some of our own headspace so we could listen and learn the perspectives of others, instead of immediately arguing with them, out loud or in our heads?

. . . if we allowed for thinking by creating some silences in the conversation. When we need to think, we say, “Let me think about that just a minute.” When we want to give time to think, we say, “Don’t answer now. Just think about it a bit.” Then, we all stop and take a think.

. . . if we remembered the goal of communication should be mutual understanding so together we can build a better future together?

. . . if we engaged our minds before we wagged our tongues?

. . . if we looked for the good first and concentrated on it?

. . . if we recognized the wonderful uniqueness each of us possesses and with curiosity seek to understand each other and work together?

What kind of world could we make?

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