FIRST CONTACT: Make the Call!

Educators, do you have a copy of your student roster yet? If you do, the fastest way to build relationships with parents is to make first contact. Make this contact positive now and start working to meet the 3:1 Ratio of Positive Interaction that helps to keep parents from blocking your phone number later in the year.

Secondary folks, making a 2-minute phone call may not be feasible for you. Consider other methods. Use one that will go directly to your students’ families/parents/guardians. Simply introduce yourself, give your contact information, and build a bridge by sharing your excitement about having their child in your classroom in the coming semester or year.

Elementary folks, Take your roster and make a 2-minute call to each student’s home. Introduce yourself, let your student’s family know you are eager to work with them this year, and ask if you will have the privilege of meeting them at Meet The Teacher night. These calls can be done quickly and will gain you much needed respect from the most important people in your student’s life.

Here is an example script:

Hello, I’m (your name) and I’m calling from (school name). Do you have a couple of minutes to talk to me briefly? [wait for the answer].

If the answer is yes> I noticed your child will be in my class this year and I wanted to let you know how glad I am that we will be working together. I wanted to make sure you had a way to contact me. You have my phone number. Feel free to call me and I will work to get back to you on the same day. Will I have the privilege of meeting you at Meet the Teachet Night on (date and time details)? [listen for the answer. Respond as needed.] I have several other calls to make. Thank you for taking a minute to talk to me. [Close the conversation.]

If the answer is no> Thank you for answering the call. I just wanted to make sure my students’ families had a phone number for me and to invite you to Meet the Teacher night. I won’t keep you any longer. [Close the conversation.]

First Contact should be positive and right now is an easy way to ensure they are.

What else would you let parents know during your first contact?

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